Lone Pine Picnic Day 13th February


Saturday 13th was our much anticipated picnic day at Lone Pine near Little Manly.  After rendezvousing at the launch point at 9am to sort out the gear, 10 ladies and one lone male launched “Dragonfly” and paddled downriver past the Marine Rescue Centre before lunch.  We then swam in the crystal clear river, ate our picnic fine fare and talked the talk, generally enjoying a fabulous fun day.  A good time was had by everyone (despite the problems encountered when folding and stashing the ladies’ loo which proved quite a challenge!).  The next major challenge of the day was a hard paddle back to base through large waves, against a run-out tide and a strong north-easterly wind.  It proved a real “baptism of fire” for our newbie paddler Renee who we hope will survive the test and come back for more.  Many thanks are due to Maxine and Graham for organizing this pleasant occasion, as well as to Brenton, Jacqui, Leanne and Ben for providing their boats to transport the gear and non-paddlers to the picnic site.

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