Shellharbour Dragon Boat Challenge

On Saturday 7th March, twelve paddlers from Sussex and another nine from Narooma met bright and early at Ski Park, for the annual Shellharbour Challenge regatta on Lake Illawarra.  Under glowering skies and a few attempts at drizzle the event got underway at around 8.45 with the composite Sussex/Narooma crew (dubbed the “Blue Inlet River Dragons”) competing in three heats and a final against Illawarra “Red” crew and Illawarra “Orange” crew.  Although changeable, the weather conditions improved and the sun came out very warmly for an hour or so before the cloud returned and the wind freshened.

After a great team effort, we achieved a second place in the final.  All in all, a very rewarding day and we extend our great appreciation to the Narooma paddlers for making it possible to compete in this event.

All ready to be used Blue Inlet River Dragons - Narooma & Sussex combined crew Paddlers in Ski Park Paddles and paddlers galore Paddling to the starting line Race in progress Race start Sussex Inlet River Dragons The gathering of the clan Waiting between heats