Duck Dash 2015

Welcome everybody to 2015 and greetings from the Happy Dragon!  Summer is here at last!  What great weather on Saturday 3rd January for the “Duck Dash Day” … hope nobody was too burnt in the bright sun which we haven’t been used to recently.

Club members had a good workout during the day, paddling both “Dragonheart” and “Dragonfly” from the launch point near the Fishos’ Shed to the fair site and back, as well as regular excursions with quite a few “Newbies” during the course of the day’s activities.  Good training for next week’s regatta at Nowra.

What a beautiful waterway The River Dragons and Christians Minde Terry and Brenton left behind Sandi showing the Newbies how to paddle Sandi instructing the Newbies River Dragons marquee Push off and ready to go Preparing to board Paddlers with full steam ahead Paddlers returning to base Newbies on board Dragonheart Newbies learning to paddle Newbie about to board Listening to paddling instructions Launching Dragonheart Kids & Dragonfly Happy Newbies ! Getting ready to push off Dragonheart with newbies Dragonheart returning to base Dragonheart ready to go Dragonheart nearly ready for take-off Dragonheart in full flight Dragonheart arriving at the Duck Dash Dragonfly passing Christians Minde Dragonfly and Christians Minde And away we go Aiden & Tanika with Dragonfly