Shoalhaven Dragon Boat Challenge

On Sunday 26th October, we all had an early start to arrive at the regatta site on the Shoalhaven River before 8.00am.  We raced in 3 heats and the clubs minor final, acquitting ourselves respectably against younger and stronger competitors.  While not among the medal winners on this occasion, the event was enjoyed by all participants and congratulations to John O’Callaghan who qualified as a Grade 3 Sweep after sweeping two races.

Here we go! Holding water Launching Lined up to launch Marching as to War! Paddles storage Paddles Up! Pete Dudgeon Pre-race warm-up R & R between Races Registration tent They're racing! Waiting to board Coach's pep-talk! Grade 3 sweep - John O'Callaghan Lining up for the start Sussex Inlet River Dragons - Regatta crew Dragon boats-in-waiting