The Great Gatsby

On Monday we met at the Inlet Cinema at 4pm to enjoy our wine and nibbles before attending the special screening of “The Great Gatsby”. Thirty or so paddlers and their pals enjoyed the movie and thank Peter and Jan for their help and support. Many of us came dressed as Gatsby extras, and judged as best dressed were Tony and Lesley Harrower.

Following the movie we strolled across to Matteo’s for a delicious dinner – steak, calamari or chicken all cooked to perfection, with chips and a crisp green salad with a tangy dressing. To Vince and Tori, thank you for your friendly service and satisfying food.

Beautiful ladies from The Great Gatsby Best dressed couple Lesley and Tony_1 Dinner at Matteos Great Gatsby extras waiting to be fed Handsome gentlemen from The Great Gatsby_1 Jacqui and Lesley_1 Lesley Harrower_1 Lynn and Rob_1 Tony Harrower_1 Tori and Vince from Matteos