Berrara Lagoon Paddle 2013

To celebrate the completion and registration of our  trailer, we loaded the boat and headed for Lakeland Reserve and launched Nogard into Berrara Lagoon. We were joined for this session by Brian and Debra Reynolds, who were visiting from Sydney, and Christina from Sussex Inlet.

On this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, the entire waterway belonged to us. With a crew of nine on board we headed west and paddled about 1.5km inland, enjoying the unspoiled bushland as we went. We returned to change crews and our second boat load proceeded 2km upstream before it was time to head back to the trailer. Both crews relished the experience of exploring a new waterway, and yes, we will return.

All hands on the trailer And away we go Berrara Lagoon (2) Berrara Lagoon Frank and THE trailer Here we come Hi Beth Nogard at Berrara Lagoon Nogard floats One little boat on a big lagoon Paddling in Berrara Lagoon Supervising the move The first paddle on the lagoon The other side The River Dragons in Berrara Lagoon